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Vegas Christ

Absurd Comedy

"I run film festivals. Best script I've read." 

-- Mark

Vegas Christ (VC) will be produced with far superior production value than any other film on MARKO.TV as a GLENBROOK STUDIOS MAINSTREAM premiere. Currently in the process of packaging and funding, this movie could become a break-away hit, funding more projects from its lucrative box office receipts.


VC is a very commercial project, attracting a broad, planet-wide audience.

"VC will be my 8th feature film, only this time I'll be producing it fully funded, no more shoestring budgets. It'll also be my debut SAG signatory production. So, help me get this project funded. Budget is just under $3 million, enough to make the best film I've made to date, a film that makes lots of money at the box office to fund even more movie production and creating jobs."

-- Marko Sakren, Writer, Director, Producer


Vegas Christ is not your typical faith-based film. It's a comedy, and a very absurd and irreverent one at that. It borders on blasphemous but all in good fun and good faith, not written to offend. The characters are designed to help us all lighten up and get along, as God intends. One of the theories behind the movie is, God has a sense of humor. That's the writers' belief, anyway.


Absurd Comedy

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The Story

A mysterious man leads eight characters, lost in the Nevada desert, back to civilization: the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. Why would it all occur in Las Vegas? Sin City is the most logical place where he would return, right? But… Is he or isn’t he the Second Coming? That’s the mystery behind the central character. Is he real or is he a fraud? Or, is he simply a magician?

The Cast

Casting is currently underway but talent can't be locked in until funding is secured.

The Approach

GLENBROOK STUDIOS MAINSTREAM LLC  produces and/or releases feature motion pictures with budgets of $1 million or above. Vegas Christ will be its debut release with a cast of dozens and a budget just under $2 million. Likely going to be SAG Signatory.

If you're interested in and capable of investing in this movie, please inquire in an email with your information and level of investment to:

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