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Amygdala Warrior

Artistic Whodunit


"Kept me guessing whodunit 'til the end." 

-- Tracy (audience member)

Amygdala Warrior was produced through GLENBROOK STUDIOS CINELAB, a filmmaking workshop, based on a story inspired by real events both in society and the writer's life.


It's an extremely avant-garde movie, creating a mood with complicated layers of consciousness that put the audience into the confused mind of the prime suspect in a murder. The movie's multi-stimulating style is not for everyone. Prepare to watch a mind-bender of a movie.


Unlike most crime dramas, the detective in this movie is part of the subplot. The main plot centers around 15 sessions of psychotherapy conducted by a shrink who has an unorthodox approach to treatment and who is in danger of losing his job.


The final product remains unfinished in a few details. Marko Sakren, writer/producer/director, wore the lion's share of hats (aliases on IMDb) and had to abandon this project in its current form out of sheer exhaustion.


Crime Drama

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DURATION: 1 hour 47 minutes (107 minutes)

RATING: Mature (gore, murder investigation) 

NOTE: When you Rent, Buy, Donate, cast can get paid.

The Story

Adam, a troubled young man with a secret obsession to kill, is placed under the care of Dr. James Franz, an unorthodox psychologist who faces a moral dilemma: report Adam's homicidal ideation or solve him before he acts out murder.

The Cast

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IMDb Rating: 7.9 out of 10 stars

The Approach

GLENBROOK STUDIOS CINELAB LLC  makes movies with given resources, using props and wardrobe available to cast, who also serve as grips on the set. The rest of the crew tasks were handled by Marko Sakren, his co-producer Don Brakeman, and various other colleagues and assistants as needed per scene.


Filmed on a DSLR (Sony RX10-I) with sound recorded in-camera as part of an "ADR" on-location process, Amygdala Warrior had a simple production approach. Everyone did it out of the goodness of their hearts and desire to work on their craft, get IMDb credit, and make new connections. Everyone agreed to a deferred compensation agreement and get paid from the movie's proceeds.


The producers thank everyone involved, including those who offered locations. All in all, this film was a bootstrap effort and labor of love.

"Clear your mind of expectations and comparisons," writer/director/producer Marko Sakren explains, "and simply watch this movie for what it is: a work of moving images, telling their own story, produced under extraordinarily stressful conditions, with mental and physical disabilities of my own, without funding or a full crew. Thankfully, I had a supportive co-producer, associate producers, cast members, consultants, and music contributors. Enjoy it as it is and for all it's worth, flaws included. Yes, there are flaws in the movie but I didn't fix them because I was burned out from it all."

NOTE: Investors, Cast, Crew, Music Contributors get paid from movie proceeds.

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