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Thanks for showing interest in our new content portal, created by Marko Sakren, filmmaker, to showcase his cinematic work and, eventually, the cinematic work of others. We are in our humble beginnings and hope you stay with us for the long term.


Work currently presented includes self-funded feature projects Sakren wrote, produced, directed, shot, edited, production designed and sound designed (the latter four job titles have aliases on IMDb) as 'practice projects' that helped him cut his teeth on feature filmmaking. His next goal is a funded feature ("Vegas Christ") where he can hire a full crew and pay the cast. Quality will increase tremendously once a full team is hired to collaborate with Sakren, who struggles with disabilities. Consider these titles as 'starter dough' for greater loaves of work to come.

Our success depends on growing an audience to a sufficient number that will enable us to produce more content funded from the proceeds of rentals, sales, subscriptions, donations, sponsorships, and investments from supporters. Our story is a David v. Goliath story, empowering talented filmmaker guppies in a world where the big fish get all the attention.


Current title selection represents projects produced with very basic funding to cover insurance, rentals, food, etc. The entire casts and crews worked on a voluntary, deferred compensation basis. They joined forces for the love of cinematic storytelling.

Please support our endeavors by contributing any way you can, and by spreading the word that MARKO.TV exists and is worth watching.

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Experience Original Stories

At MARKO.TV, we believe that the cinema best serves audiences by exhibiting original works. That's why we created this portal to content that exists outside the realm of Hollywood in the world of fiercely independent filmmaking, not letting any lack of funding get in our darn way. Our focus is storytelling and the practice thereof.

Our House Rules

At MARKO.TV, we take pride in sharing the works we have created or curated. All we ask of you is to respect these labors of love by not stealing them, bad-mouthing them, or insulting the great efforts  put into each project, even if you didn't like it. Everyone has his or her own taste. Live and let live.

If you have any comments, contact us. Thank you.

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