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Clover's Movie

Militia Western

COMING 8/1/24

"Far superior to much of the mainstream mush that Hollywood marketers turn into box office megabucks." -- Las Vegas CityLife

Clover's Movie was produced in 1996 then finished and released in 2000. Came out on DVD in 2002 on the shelf at Tower Records. Made primarily with a camcorder on a shoestring budget, this movie was Marko Sakren's attempt at making his first feature film. It ended up involving more that 150 people, including SAG actors, stunts and special effects crew from the Las Vegas Strip, and a cameo of Heather Graham (in the hidden secondary story).

"This found footage story served as an ideal first test project for me, never having made a feature film before. Clover's Movie was my chance to learn through trial and error. Luckily, I attracted a great bunch of people who served in the cast and crew, willingly devoted to my vision and adding to it. That's how I've cut my teeth: with really good people at my side."

-- Marko Sakren, Writer, Producer, Director

The story is presented through the main character's camcorder footage, studied by FBI and local law enforcement agents who received it in a video. 

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Militia Western

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When you Donate, 95% goes to charity to fund efforts that prevent violent acts by resolving disputes, quelling fears and securing peace.

The Story

Jamey McGinnis turns eighteen and sets off across the country to be a filmmaker, dropping by to meet his long lost father on a ranch in the remote Nevada desert. That's when the trouble starts. On his camcorder, Jamey captures his dad in the middle of a kidnapping of a government official by a militia group.

The Cast

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IMDb Rating: 8.7 out of 10 stars

The Approach

RED ROCK MEDIA GROUP 's IN CAMERA PROJECT makes movies with given resources, using props and wardrobe available to cast. The rest of the crew tasks were handled by Marko Sakren, his co-producer Joe LaDue, and various consultants and assistants as needed per scene.


Filmed on a camcorder (Sony 8mm) with sound recorded in-camera, Clover's Movie had a simple production approach. Everyone did it out of the goodness of their hearts and desire to work on their craft, get IMDb credit, and make connections. 


The producers thank everyone involved, including those who offered locations. All in all, this film was a bootstrap effort. Trick is, to get better at it. Gotta start somewhere. Full funding would help.

"Clear your mind of expectations and comparisons," Marko Sakren explains, " and simply watch this movie for what it is: a work of fiction meant to look like found footage, created from long single takes from a handheld camcorder point of view, without funding or a full crew. Only had a supportive co-producer, cast, consultants, and music contributors. Enjoy it for all its worth, flaws and all. Yes, there are flaws in the movie but I didn't fix them because I was burned out from it all. If I had to do it over, it would be different. Great learning experience, though. Had to climb that first mountain. Next!" 

NOTE: Proceeds go to charity to help prevent violence in society.

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