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Message from Marko


Dear Movie Lovers,


Thank you for showing interest in MARKO.TV in its humble beginning. Over time, I plan to expand my movie collection by creating and curating more product. Would like to curate works from other producers who want to get their cinematic stories to my audience and make a few dollars in the process if their movies garner revenue via this portal.


Every movie might not be everyone’s cup of tea but we hope you find the ones you enjoy. If you don't, please contact us and tell us what you want to see. We plan on creating content that fulfills requests from our audience. We'll do our best, anyway.

My filmmaking career path to date has been fraught with obstacles, delays and detours. The process of making a movie is different for each project, each picture facing its own hurdles and speed bumps. To get things started, the titles now offered on MARKO.TV are my practice projects that turned out pretty well, according to many comments.


So, since I've been told by many people that my work-to-date is worth sharing, here it is. The beginning of more and better work to come.

The biggest catch-22 in the move-making process is the securing of funds. Investors need to see a track record of making bankable movies from funded projects. How do I do that if I can't get the proper funding to prove it? The projects I've produced so far are all I have to show. Hoping they're good enough to instill confidence in you, others, and prospective investors, to get funds in the bank to make my next movie. Using this website to crowdfund, in essence, through movie rentals, sales, subscriptions and donations, depending on each person's choice for supporting our endeavors.


Please contribute any way you can by renting or purchasing movie titles on our GLENBROOK STUDIOS CINEMASTREAM platform on Vimeo OnDemand, and/or donating to the cause whenever you see:


My next film that gets full funding will have a higher level of production value and be more mainstream in execution than my work to date. By being funded, I'll have a pro cast and crew on payroll and won't have to wear the lion's share of hats. I'll receive their input, too, not having to depend entirely on my own brain. 


Checks accepted, paid to “GLENBROOK STUDIOS LLC” with notation: AW Movie, SR Movie, or whatever movie to which you’re contributing, or note “Picture Fund” for general financial support of our future projects. Mailing address is at bottom of this page.


If you would like to become an investor for my next (8th) feature project, "Vegas Christ" (an absurdly irreverent comedy), please text or email me your introduction and amount you could invest. Budget is just under $3 million and planned as a SAG Low Budget. Accounting books open to investors. Offering 20% ROI in first position plus net profit sharing. My attorney is in Century City, CA, and a former head of business affairs at Paramount Studios. My consulting producer is an Oscar-winner. Let's talk.


If you want to hire me as a Writer and/or a Director, please text or email me information about your  project and the budget you have in place.


Thank you,


Marko Sakren

Writer / Director / Producer

702-242-5800 TEXT FIRST


P.S. Certain titles you can watch for free. I ask for donations as an opportunity only, not an obligation. Mostly, I want to find out how big a following I can build. The bigger the following, the better I can attract backers. Want to fund a great movie? Know anyone? This is only the start. Great movies ahead via GLENBROOK STUDIOS MAINSTREAM LLC.

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Two of Marko's five feature titles available to watch now. Click on image to learn more.

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